About us

We want to welcome you to our online shop. We are so excited that you are here. Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Shane & Jeannie. We live in south Mississippi, we have 3 beautiful children and 3 doggies. This is a family business and you may find our children packing orders, taking photos or designing our brand. This has been a fun journey and we thank you for coming along with us!
We are a Christian family and attend West Union Baptist Church in Carriere, MS. God has blessed us with knowledge to create beard oils, balms & soaps. So in May of 2021 we started Bearded Brother llc. Years of experimenting has led us to this point. Shane started making beard balms/oils many years ago after he started growing his beard. Shane is legally blind and cannot drive. He needed something to keep him busy at home and this was perfect! He was making oils & balms and then he started searching for the perfect product to wash his beard. So he and our daughter Katherine started making soap! When I first saw them with their “gear” on I was scared they would blow up the house! Lol, but they had done their research. In the past years soap making has been a normal process around our house. We all love it!
We want to provide you with something that is good for you! We want you to enjoy it and tell your friends and family ALL about it! We want you to love it soooo much that you keep coming back. And if you are not happy with our products, please come to us and let us make it right! Some of our soaps are not designed for every skin type. And it maybe just a matter of finding the right bar of soap for you. We will not sell anything that we would not gift to our own family. We test each and every product (oil, balm, soap) on ourselves before we sell or gift to anyone.  
Please look around and let us know if you have any questions!
Thank you,
The Smiths